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A position which looks great aesthetically, but in practice there are always problems when the participants are of different heights, and it generally results in distraction of both from each other's pleasure. The pleasure is said to also be derived from the submissive aspect of the act."Adult video" (アダルトビデオ / アダルト・ビデオ; both: "adaruto bideo"—"pornographic video").An "AV idol" (AVアイドル "ēbui aidoru") is an porn star (one who stars in adult videos; they may have a side job as nūdoru).In 1956 the Anti-Prostitution Law/Prostitution Prevention Law (売春防止法, "Baishun Bōshi Hō"; Act No.118 of 1956) was enacted, in part to prevent the sale of girls into prostitution.Yuribou: This hentai dictionary sort of evolved out of me being dissatisfied that there were no real glossaries out there that were complete for explaining all the random Japanese terms that cropped up in hentai and hentai manga.So after trawling through multiple different dictionaries, I came up with this one—basically a compilation of many other online attempts with a few novel terms of my own added in.It went into effect 1 April 1958, the beginning of the modern era for the Japanese sex industry (fūzoku).

Colloquially refers to all dildos, but is taken directly from the English for vibrator.

Most English loan words (wasei eigo) in are order by the English, not the rōmaji, spelling.

Note that I use revised Hepburn romanization (except for Yuribou's name) and American English.

If anyone has the completed v2.1 I'd be grateful if you would send it to me.

The list is in absolute alphabetical order, ignoring macrons.