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********* Online Dating Guide: 14 Dos and Don’ts of that First Crucial Email Written by: Jennae Online dating often feels like its own world.Real winks are replaced with virtual ones, and chemistry is guessed at through pictures and profiles.DON’T start talking about sex right away or compliment her in a sexual manner.Women like compliments, but “you’re very pretty” is different than “I can totally see myself having sex with you.” Also stay away from complimenting particular body parts that are not eyes or smiles. The screen names are entertaining and all, but signing off as “drlovegod137” isn’t going to personalize you to the woman you’re contacting as much as “Jim.” Remember, you want to get her thinking of you as a person and not just a profile. So many ways to connect and meet women but also so many ways to screw up in a matter of seconds.

I’m perfectly fine with a man suggesting a meet up after about two or three email exchanges, depending on how much we actually talk about it those emails. Now, assuming you’ve done your job and paid attention to her profile, writing a well formed email with proper spelling and grammar, at least one attempt at humor and one question, it’s up to her to decide if, and when, she writes you back.You winking at her isn’t going to stand out as much as a well written introductory email. Women want men who can hold actual conversations, and writing like you only have 140 characters isn’t the way to convince them of that. Too long of an email tends to give a bit of the creepy vibe, and no woman wants to read a novel about why you decided to write to her: “we have this in common, and this in common, and I think you’d really like my mom!” But while short is good, too short can also be an issue if there is nothing for her to respond to.DO read her profile and make a comment about something you read.This comment shouldn’t be “I can’t live without sex either, so why don’t we get together and save each other’s lives?