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And in addition to watching the fate of the love triangle, viewers will have the opportunity to follow the journey of a new osprey generation.

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(Kress successfully pioneered new techniques to bring puffins and other bird species back to Maine islands after a century of abandonment.

His methods have been adopted globally.) However, to the satisfaction of many loyal Hog Island osprey viewers, Rachel returned this past week, chased off Trudy and was seen mating with Osprey Steve.

But in the case of one osprey couple — dubbed “Rachel and Steve” by and Audubon supporters — the battle for the nest is between Rachel and another female, which has scientists intrigued and the public chiming in. Steve Kress (for whom the male osprey was named), offers a little background on the uniqueness of this situation: “Ospreys are typically monogamous and trios raising a family together are rare,” he said.

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After winging their way north from tropical winter homes, ospreys are making a return to their favorite spots in the northern U. (Ospreys are the only North American raptor that depend on a diet of fish and have the ability to dive into water to catch them.) After the eggs hatch, the parents will feed and brood the chicks, protecting them from extreme weather and predators.

Usually, ospreys settle into the same nest from the previous year to raise the next generation. The female does most of the incubation while the male delivers fresh fish — after making some spectacular dives to catch dinner.

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